Guest Rooms

The Eagles Nest

The bridal suite features a king size canopy bed made of distressed aspen wood.

A large bay window overlooks the rivers below, which open for the enjoyment of the soothing sound of the rapids. Relax in the swirling waters of the jacuzzi tub.

Room Rate: $265 Plus tax

Barlow Trail Room

For those interested in Oregon history this is a natural fit. In 1845 Samuel K. Barlow blazed a trail from The Dalles to Oregon City thus avoiding the dangerous Columbia River rapids, the last leg of the Oregon Trail. For the first three years of its existence the Barlow Trail ran about a quarter mile to the north of the lodge. It is now called the Barlow Trail Road. Its current location is essentially the present Mount Hood Loop Highway 26.
Room Rate: $240 Plus tax

Fishing Hole

The main feature of the room is the magnificent queen size bed, a spectacular creation of twisted juniper wood that begs to be caressed because of the smoothness and color combinations of the wood.

Opening the double french doors leading out onto the deck brings the ambience of the rivers right into the room so that you feel you are at the rivers edge.

The best fishing hole on the entire upper Sandy River sits nestled in a shady cove directly below the deck. Former U.S. President George Bush Sr. fished this very spot while in office.
Room Rate: $240 Plus tax

Heritage Room

If you enjoy family heirlooms this room will speak to you through its historical charm. Featuring a hand-quilted bedspread composed of blocks created by children and grandchildren to commemorate Maggie's parents' 50th wedding anniversary.
The room has a very comfortable feel to it. Double french doors open out onto an outside deck with a relaxing view of the lawns and an English garden. A view of the river is available as well.
Room Rate: $210 Plus tax